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Company Overview

In media, the foundation of clear narrative is compelling data. Informed by a history of more than 80 years of local sports coverage, Dorf Media is a premium stats and content aggregator for high school, college, recreational and youth sports. Dorf Media collects and processes daily event statistics and turns that into customized, scalable and dynamic white-label content for print and web publishing.

At Dorf Media, our mission is to celebrate young athletes by providing your publication with comprehensive sports information on your community. Our mission is to leverage our technological tools to help coaches, administrators and media better manage the information entrusted to us by school, college and community organizations and state high school associations.

We promise to provide a cost-effective service to print, broadcast and web media to better connect with their readers with dynamic statistics and content.

We promise to retain the spirit of our beginnings as a family-owned business and our industry position as an innovative leader and media/technology company in today’s digital age.


State Scholastic Sports Associations

Through our partnership with state high school sports associations, Dorf Media is able to offer our clients dependable and comprehensive administrative tools, web sites and content to better manage their resources.

Dorf Media can offer state associations an interactive web site capable of handling each administrative and constituent need and configured to display scores, stats, schedules, rosters, blogs, video, forums and social media. We also provide and help manage state association e-commerce sites. The association web site and back-end CMS, built by our technology partner, ApplicationX, can be easily customized for any high school sports state association in the country.

Do you believe that your association could benefit from a strategic partnership with Dorf Media? Send an email to info@dorfmedia.com.

Message from our CEO

Gary Dorfman, President and CEO

“At Dorf Media, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide locally sourced, dynamic content that can be packaged for individual schools, leagues and local media. Company founder Sid Dorfman started this business in 1938 and, although much of our business has changed, the spirit in which Dorf Media was created has not. Our business began with one clear directive: Tell the story and tell it well.

“There is a huge public interest in local sports, but many media outlets simply do not have the resources to cover it comprehensively. Because of the advancements in technology, Dorf Media is able to offer those much-needed technology, marketing and human resources to ‘tell the story’ in a manner that is cost-effective and revenue-generative. We have built innovative web-based platforms to enable a larger audience to celebrate local sporting events. Through our statistical-gathering platforms such as Stats411 and our white-label media web sites, we are able to build strong community connections and more opportunities for advertisers.

“The need for local sports stories is clear to us. We offer dynamic content to subscribers created by our experienced writers. Dorf Media evolved from the old school of journalism and today we’re helping media outlets meet the needs of their public in a matter that is cost effective and competitive.”